March 25, 2023

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The woman who quit her job and started making candles! 74 lakh sales in a single day – Startup company earns tstf by making crores of handmade crystal candles from a woman who quit her job

Highlights of the story

  • Small scale business start-up
  • Candle business
  • Earning in crores

One woman quit her job and started a candle business. He started this small business with an investment of about 37 thousand rupees. But in the 2 years since he saw this, his business has become crores of rupees. Let’s find out how …

According to the Daily Mail, the 30-year-old woman’s name is Janelle Polybruck. Janel is from Melbourne, Australia. Until recently he worked in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Janell has two children. After the death of his father in March 2019, Janelle came to Australia and started a crystal candle business, after which he invested Rs 37,000.

But in just two years, Janell’s business has grown so much that now his business has grown to over 18 crores. Along with Janell’s husband, the company has a total of 12 employees (Miles Gray). On Boxing Day last week, Janel sold handmade crystal candles worth Rs 74 lakh 54 thousand in a single day.

Crystal Candle / Insta

Genelle was passionate about product sales

The limited edition kit, which includes a candle, diffuser and crystal, costs around Rs 15,000. But four times a year it sells for less than Rs 7,400 to attract customers. Speaking in the ‘Daily Mail’, Genelle became passionate about product sales. Our customers give a lot of love to the brand, he said. This is a very happy moment.

Janel says that we respond to every message from the customer and provide the best service. We try to make quick delivery. And as he says, the customer is the most important to us. Different types of handmade candles burn for about 55 hours, costing up to 4 thousand. Janel said candle sales have increased during the lockout in Australia.