February 7, 2023

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The woman who was changing clothes in the trial room in the mall suddenly saw the hidden camera … – Ladies Trial Room mall spy camera women nude photos shop reply tstf

Highlights of the story

  • There was a camera in Malin’s test room
  • The woman told the story of the camera

A woman checking clothes at a shopping mall shows a hidden camera in the test room. In the mall interrogation room, he alleged that pornographic images of women were filmed by the camera. The woman captured the camera and shared it on social media.

The Daily Mail reports that 27-year-old Nellie Valencia from the United States entered the checkout room to buy clothes at the Vintage Fair Mall in California. After trying on clothes at the Windsor store and looking in the mirror, his eyes fell on the camera.

The camera was fitted with an incandescent lamp on the ceiling of the test room. The woman saw this in the mirror. He shuddered when he looked back. Nelly took the video and shared it on her DickTock account. He shared the story of Malin’s Windsor store with users, which went viral at first glance. Since it was shared on Dictoc, it has been viewed by 642,000 people.

The woman made the allegations

Nelly Valencia said in her video about the incident- ‘How crazy I am. I looked at the camera while changing clothes. He looked at me without clothes.

The shopkeeper replied

The Windsor Store has responded to the video going viral on social media. One of its officials said- ‘We want to make sure that this camera is the camera of the previous brand and not active. We are removing that too permanently. Unable to take pictures / videos due to camera malfunction. However, after watching Nellie’s video, many people are worried, especially those who recently took a clothing test at that Windsor store.