October 5, 2022

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The young man who put red women’s underwear on his face instead of a mask and took it off the plane! – Banned from airlines for wearing masked women’s underwear on a DSTF flight

Highlights of the story

  • Passenger from the plane
  • The traveler was wearing underwear for women on his face
  • Refused to wear a mask

In the United States a man traveled on a plane wearing underwear for women. The person did not consent even after the staff refused. Under these circumstances, action was taken against the passenger and he was ejected from the aircraft. Also, it was forbidden to fly forward on that plane. Let us know the whole thing ..

According to the NY Post, Adam Jenny from Florida boarded a United Airlines flight to Washington. But he did not wear a mask according to Govt rules. Instead, she wore red women’s underwear over her face. Chose red to express protest.

When the flight attendants stopped him from doing so, Adam Jane got into an argument and refused to wear the mask. When staff told him about the corona virus crisis, he mocked it and said ‘this is all nonsense’.

Depart before departure

Adam Jane told a store on Wednesday that he had to fly from Fort Lauderdale Airport to Washington DC. But the airlines have already dropped him off the plane. At this point, Adam admitted that he had already done this. I.e. used underwear for women instead of masks.

Meanwhile, a United Airlines spokesman said in a statement, “We applaud Adam Jane for landing before the flight took off. Employees are following the rules regarding corona and masks.

We will tell you that during the corona crisis in the United States, the mask is mandatory on the plane. However, many such incidents have come to the fore where people could be seen violating this rule. Many times even came to a standstill.