June 9, 2023

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This woman died 70 years ago, but still gives life to people; Know what matters

Geneva: About 70 years ago a young woman died of cervical cancer. During his treatment, doctors secretly removed a cell. After that, medicine was prepared for various diseases by studying that cell. It can save the lives of millions of people around the world.

Respect received after 70 years of death

WHO President Dr. Tetros Adanom Caprais honors Henrietta Lox posthumously in Geneva. In fact Henrietta Locks died in October 1951 70 years ago. But the cell that was removed from his body without permission is still a major factor in saving the lives of millions of people today. On behalf of Henrietta, the award was received by her 87-year-old son Lawrence Lox.

Calling him, Dr. Tetros said, ‘I am very proud to honor Henrietta Lox. The WHO acknowledges that Henrietta has been scientifically treated in previous years. Because of her black complexion and being a woman, she was not given enough respect. At the same time he played a very important role in saving humanity and promoting medical science.

Died of cervical cancer

According to the DNA report, Henrietta Locks was happy with her husband and 5 children. One day she complained of excessive bleeding in her vagina. She reached Johns Hopkins University with her husband and was admitted there. On examination she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Doctors tried to treat him, but he died on 4 October 1951. He was 31 when he died.

The cells were taken out by doctors without asking

While Henrietta was in treatment, doctors took some samples of her tumor. During this time, the ‘hela’ cells were removed from the tumor. No permission was taken from the patient or her husband to do so. After this, the cell was developed in the laboratory. The cell was then mass-produced and sold in the laboratory without the family’s permission. 500 million metric tons of ‘Hela’ cells were sold for the study of cells worldwide.

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Cells saved millions of lives

This ‘hela’ cell proved to be a savior that saves people’s lives. By studying this cell, scientists around the world have been able to develop a vaccine for the HPV vaccine, polio vaccine, medicine for HIV / AIDS, hemophilia, leukemia and Parkinson’s disease. In addition, the development of treatment modalities such as cancer, genetic mapping, and IVF was accelerated. Millions of lives have been saved in the world so far by using it.

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