November 28, 2022

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Trapped woman at home: A disabled woman who has been trapped in her own home for nine years because the maintenance company did not set up a ramp to the house

London: A disabled mother has been jailed for nine years in her home and is now preparing to sue a maintenance company for not building a ramp outside the home. Dan Steele, 58, has been in a wheelchair since 2013 after knee surgery. A few days after moving to Solihull in Birmingham, he was confined to a wheelchair and could not get out of the house. There has been a dispute between him and the property maintenance company over this.

They rely on home delivery to buy goods and ambulance service to get to the hospital. Dan was asked to build a wheelchair ramp outside his home. He pays 2000 2000 each year to the company that maintains the building. He accused the company of delaying its construction. Due to the negligence of the company, he is now forced to stay indoors 24 hours a day.
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The woman has been locked up at home for 9 years
Dan said I feel lonely in my home. People complain that he stays at home for a month or two because of Kovit. But try to live 9 years in a house without seeing anyone. What life said it was. Dan was very upset by his situation and wanted to take legal action against the company, and launched a crude funding campaign for attorney fees.

‘My body is a decay’
He hopes to raise 1500 for the fee and his case may help others in a similar situation. She said I could only move one foot forward and two feet backward. Dan said everyone can come out, but what about me? I am a cripple both physically and emotionally. Her daughter Laura believes the case has had a profound emotional impact on her mother, who feels she is “trapped”.

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