January 27, 2023

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Traumatic pregnancy case A woman was found to be pregnant with a baby in her liver

Becoming a mother is a big deal for any woman. Pregnancy changes not only a woman’s life but also her body. Despite this, the woman is enjoying her pregnancy. But not everyone is lucky. Many women in the world face many problems during their pregnancy. In the past, one such case came to light in Canada. When a pregnant woman came to the doctor here, she was told of a strange situation.

Dr. Michael, a pediatrician from Canada, reported the matter via video on his Dictoc account. Dr. Michael said he had seen many different types of cases in his life, but had never seen such a case. A 33-year-old woman came to Dr. Michael for treatment. The woman’s menstruation lasted 14 days and she did not menstruate for the last one and a half months. Thus, she has come to the doctor to confirm the pregnancy.

The doctors also confirmed that the woman was pregnant. To confirm this, the doctors performed an ultrasound examination of the woman. The ultrasound report took the woman and the doctors by surprise. In fact, the woman was pregnant, but the baby was not in her womb. After having intercourse, the sperm somehow went into the woman’s liver and the fetus began to grow in the woman’s liver. Doctors said the woman had an ectopic pregnancy in her liver. Ectopic pregnancy occurs when the egg begins to travel in the wrong direction in the fallopian tubes, causing the pregnancy not to occur properly. It has been found in the stomach many times but first in the liver.

The doctors who saw this immediately operated on the woman. After this surgery, the woman’s life was saved, but the fetus had already died inside the liver. In this case, the doctors removed the dead fetus from the liver. If we talk about history, according to a study published in the journal Emergency, in 2012, an 18-week-old fetus was implanted in a woman’s liver. The woman underwent surgery and died due to bleeding.

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