December 7, 2022

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Travel news: The world’s coolest airport is about to double in size

Travel news: The world's coolest airport is about to double in size
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(CNN) – This week in travel: The wreck of the ship that tried to warn the Titanic of the iceberg has been found. The most amazing airport in the world is about to double in size. The United States was preparing against it Hurricane Ian.

blue sky thinking

Changi in Singapore is no ordinary airport. It has an indoor waterfall, swimming pool, movie theater, butterfly garden, and more. And now the amazing Megahub is set to get a whole lot bigger: here are the latest details on what’s new 5 . buildingwhich would be as large as all four current stations combined.
And at Grant County International Airport in Washington state, the first all-electric passenger plane – called Alice – completed its first test flight on September 27. Watch here.

destination inspiration

On the other side of the Adriatic, tourist numbers for Croatia have skyrocketed since a HBO show featuring dragons and family strife. While most crowds gather in Dubrovnik, a more relaxed visit to the Dalmatian coast can still be made. Here are seven Less popular coastal cities to consider.

As we were before

Today, low-cost roadside hotels are popular, but when Kimmons Wilson opened the first Holiday Inn in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, in 1952, it was the move that revolutionized 20th-century travel. Read the story of the 70 years here.
Meanwhile, in 1950s Soviet-era Hungary, travel options were limited, meaning that the country’s Lake Balaton became the region’s answer to the Riviera. The popularity of the resort is increasing again, which earned it the nickname The Hamptons of Hungary.

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Spotlight on Dubai

A Canadian company wants to build a chain of Huge hotels in the shape of the moon around the world. For the launch city, they chose a city known for its architectural ambition: Dubai.
But away from all that explosive building, there’s a nice, low-key side to the city, too. Photographer Britt Uday Evoke the evocative and melancholy world of sherbet pink and saffron orange.

We won another Emmy, baby

It was the ’70s and Tony and Maureen Wheeler were dreaming of traveling from London to Sydney by road, or at least as often as they could. They embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime journey that changed world travel forever.

On the heels of “Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy” winning a Primetime Emmy earlier this month, CNN Travel’s “The Hippie Trail” won an Emmy for News and Documentary for outstanding graphic design and art direction. I agree?! I will need a large shelf. Check out the award-winning interactive here.

In case you miss it yourself

The SS Mesaba merchant ship tried to warn the Titanic of the iceberg.

And in Israel, a shipwreck full of 1,200-year-old cargo was found.

He rediscovered the history books. Watch here.

“I’ve never seen so much lightning in an eye before.”

Strange moans and groans were heard exploding over the PA on an American Airlines flight.

But what are the origins of hoo-ha and theft? Listen here.

Junior Jet Set

If we want our children to turn into the adventurers of tomorrow, we need to equip them properly like the little travelers of today. Our partners at CNN Underscored, a CNN-owned product review and recommendation directory, have come together. 20 of their favorite kids luggage sets and bags for family travel.

Above image: Expansion plans for Singapore Changi Airport are shown in a display (Changi Airport Group).

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