August 10, 2022

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Two days after the wedding, the police were shocked to find the body of the newlyweds locked in a suitcase.

London: A sensational murder case has come to light from here with the bride found dead. In fact the body of a woman was found in a suitcase. The woman was reportedly married two days ago and her body was later found a short distance from the house. Police have arrested the woman’s husband in this case. The woman, Dan Walker, was married last Wednesday and her body was found in a suitcase in the Ascart Avenue area of ​​Lightcliff near Brickhouse on Sunday, the ‘Daily Star’ reported. Police suspect that the 45-year-old husband of the woman may have committed the murder. However, at present he has no conclusive evidence in this regard.

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The murder of Don, the bride who was found dead, has shocked her friends. A friend said that Dan was very friendly and affectionate. Some time ago, she helped a disabled person when he had no money to shop. Friends say they could not believe how anyone could kill such a woman. At the same time, the family of the deceased is unable to say anything after the incident.

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One person called police and reported the incident, but he did not reveal his identity. Now the police are trying to find out who gave the information, did he see the murder taking place? An official said, “We are investigating from every angle. The woman’s husband is highly suspected, but there is no evidence yet to prove his hand in the murder. We urge people to contact us if anyone sees or hears anything.

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