June 2, 2023

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U.S. Kabul drone attack scenes; Taliban kill seven children and 10 in Afghanistan 6 months ago a drone strike in Kabul on suspicion of being a terrorist killed 10 civilians and later admitted it was wrong.

An hour ago

This is approximately August 2021. Afghanistan has been occupied by the Taliban and US forces are preparing to withdraw. August 31 was the last day for the army to leave. Two days earlier, the US military had launched a drone strike in Kabul. According to US intelligence, ISIS terrorists were targeted, but the intelligence was incorrect and 10 civilians, including 7 children, were killed in the US attack.

Now a new classified video of this drone attack has been released, in which you can see the haze rising in the area. The video describes how the army decided to launch an attack after watching a film that was blurry and difficult to understand in real time. In October, the U.S. military apologized for the inconvenience. Considering the drone strike to be the biggest mistake, the military provided financial assistance to the families of the victims.

The video is hard to watch and understand
This is the first time a video of a Kabul airstrike has been released. The 25-minute video was filmed by two MQ-9 Reaper drones. In this scene, you can see the scene before the attack, during the attack and after the attack.

Video footage shows a car parked near a house in a residential area and entering the yard. The yard has a hazy figure like people and children walking down the street. Then a missile came from the sky and fell and caught fire. Neighbors can be seen running towards the house. Neighbors can be seen pouring water from the roof and trying to put out the fire.

On August 29, the United States launched a drone strike near the Kabul airport.

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Those scenes raised questions
The New York Times captured the scene by winning the Information Act against the US Federal Command. It was under this central command that military action was taken in Afghanistan. Following the release of these footage, the debate over the need to develop unmanned airstrikes rules that would not endanger the lives of civilians has resumed.

Since the picture taken on the drone was blurry, the decision to rely on it to launch the missile will be examined for a long time. It is necessary to find answers to these questions as to what happened by launching missiles in an area where so many people live.

The information received by the military is incorrect
There is also an aspect of the incident in which 182 people, including 13 American soldiers, were killed in a suicide attack at Kabul airport three days before the drone strike. Under such circumstances, the greatest pressure was put on the US military not to allow such attacks. The army has received information that an ISIS-K militant is planning to detonate a bomb near Kabul airport. The militant was being monitored by the military. The army deceived the terrorist and fired missiles at the civilians.

Security camera footage scanned by the NYT revealed that the United States was more likely to see Ahmedi and his associates carrying bottles of water in a car, carrying a laptop to their employer and mistaking it for a terrorist act.

One of the dead was a U.S. Army veteran
Aymal Ahmadi, a resident of Kabul, said 10 members of his family were killed in the attack. 7 of them were children. One of the dead was a U.S. Army veteran. Ahmadi said his brother, Esmarai Ahmadi, who died in the attack, worked as an electrical engineer at Nutrition and Education International in California. He also applied to leave Afghanistan. Aymal said our family was very simple. IS has nothing to do with Khorasan and distance. My brother was hit by a rocket inside the house.

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NYT’s claim is correct
While the United States was explaining its attack, another bomb exploded shortly after the drone strike, making it clear that the explosives were in the vehicle. However, this claim was also rejected by the New York Times. The NYT said there was no evidence of a second bombing. There was only one mark on the wall adjacent to the scene of the attack. The wall or any other door did not explode and it is clear that there was no other explosion on that day.

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