March 27, 2023

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UAE announces big announcement for Imran Khan after PM Modi – International Sports Personality Award presented by uae tlifw to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan

Highlights of the story

  • United Arab Emirates honors Prime Minister of Pakistan
  • Pakistan led by Imran Khan won the World Cup

When the United Arab Emirates honored Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2019 with his highest civilian honor, the “Order of Saeed”, it angered Pakistan the most. The award was presented to Prime Minister Modi by the United Arab Emirates just days after the repeal of Section 370 from Kashmir. The United Arab Emirates is currently presenting an award to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. Former cricketer Imran Khan has been honored by the United Arab Emirates with the International Sports Personality of the Year award.

The eleventh edition of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Creative Sports Awards was announced on Tuesday, according to WAM, the official news agency of the United Arab Emirates. During this time awards were given to many players. In terms of prize money, these awards are one of the largest in the world.

According to Gulf News, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan will be honored with the award during the Dubai Expo 2020 on January 9.

Imran tried to improve the game situation in Pakistan.

During the conference, it was said about Imran Khan’s profile that the sports icon Imran Khan has been a great inspiration in the field of sports. In 1992, Pakistan, led by Imran, defeated England in the final to win the World Cup. He has been continuously encouraging the youth since he became the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

He made efforts to improve the conditions of sports in his country especially cricket. Apart from this, with the help of the game, he has tried to uplift the society of Pakistan. Today, half of Pakistan’s population sees themselves as cricket fans and 42,000 players have officially registered themselves with the Pakistan Cricket Board.

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Imran Khan is proud to have discovered so many players

The United Arab Emirates government has written in praise of Imran Khan that after he became the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan started the Scholarship for Youth in Pakistan, to which all boys and girls can apply. He also has this scholarship for sports. Apart from this, Imran Khan has also decided to build cricket grounds in 4,000 unions and village councils in Pakistan.

Notably, Imran Khan is considered one of the best all-rounders in Pakistan. Under his leadership Pakistan won its first Cricket World Cup. He was considered a team leader and was proud to have found players like Inzamam-ul-Haq. Shoaib Akhtar said in one of his interviews that if he had played under a captain like Imran Khan, his career would have gone a long way and he would have been one of the best bowlers in the world.