October 4, 2022

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UK drought to be declared, UK hospice water NTC bans panic buying

All European countries, including Britain, are stuck in the scorching heat. In this situation, another crisis has come to Britain and other countries. 60% of land in the EU and UK faces drought-like conditions. This area is equal to the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčIndia.

According to the UK’s Center for Ecology and Hydrology, the crisis could worsen by October due to below average temperatures and less rainfall in Britain, particularly in England. In such a situation, water companies have started banning taps. It is believed that the limit of prohibition may increase further in the coming times.

Due to heat and drought, crops in Europe are also facing crisis. Maize, sunflower and soybean production in the EU is expected to fall by 8-9%, well below the five-year average, according to the European Commission’s Science Service.

Such a crisis has increased in Europe

In many parts of Europe, water levels have reached record lows in July. This request was also not fulfilled. Southern England saw the lowest rainfall in July for the first time since 1836. At the same time, talking about England as a whole, July rain was the lowest in 20 years. Only 46.3mm of rain falls in England in July, which is 53% of the average rainfall.

Credit: Wales News Service

France received only 9.7 mm of rain in July, the lowest since 1959. Right there. Rainfall has decreased in Italy since December 2021. The situation here is that the river Po has completely dried up. Due to this, agriculture and transport have been severely affected here. In Spain, France and Britain, the heat broke all records. Here, the mercury crosses 40 degrees Celsius in July. In Spain, the heat broke a 60-year record.

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Britain’s drought crisis is high

Drought could be declared in many parts of England on Friday. It is called the worst drought since 1976. The National Drafting Committee has called for an important meeting here on Friday. It is believed that drought could be declared in many parts of the UK, including parts of the south and east of England. In such a situation, water companies can take a number of steps, including blocking the taps. According to the rules, no one may pipe into the main pipe for any reason, whether it is to water plants, fill a pool, wash a car or for any other purpose, while piping is prohibited.

Around 1.7 crore people are still affected by it. It is believed that more than 1.5 crore people may be affected by this in the future. Apart from this, as crops are affected, inflation is also likely to increase here. In view of the drought crisis, many parts of the UK are in a rush to buy drinking water. Apart from this, there has been shortage of water sold in many shops.

Heat and increase

It is estimated that many parts of Britain will have to deal with this time until next year. Apart from this, the temperature is likely to increase further in the coming times. However, experts say that whenever it rains in Britain, there is a risk of flooding.

These measures may be taken after drought is declared

National Draft Group Water agencies can limit the amount of water that can be drawn from rivers after a drought is declared. Apart from this, appropriate programs can be ensured to deal with drought. Apart from this, the fishes can be rescued if the water in the river ponds dries up. Apart from this, the public can also be advised to conserve water. If a severe drought is declared, the management of the situation will be handed over to the government.

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