March 27, 2023

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UK man love letter photos ashes as he searched for his lost childhood lover on social media

You have often heard that childhood love is pure and pure. There is no dirt in it. The attachment that occurs in adolescence is less likely to be romantic, but it is the result of a simple mind, which is why it is considered so special. But a man from England took his England Man Searching Childhood Love very seriously and is now looking for it again.

According to the Daily Star, 25-year-old Jordan Scott of East Yorkshire (East Yorkshire, England) found some love letters in his possession. Seeing those letters reminded me of his childhood romance. According to the report, when Jordan was 14, he fell in love with a 13-year-old girl (14-year-old boy falls in love with a 13-year-old girl) and separated from him over time, and he had his childhood love letters. Now looking at the letters, he remembers his ex-girlfriend but does not know where she lives. In such a situation he has started looking for a girlfriend.

The person has posted a photo of the love letters on social media. (Photo: Youtube / MollyMae)

14-year-old Jordan fell in love with 13-year-old Katie
Jordan said he went to Perbignon at the age of 14 for a rugby-related trip. One day he went for a swim in the pool of his hotel, where he met 13-year-old Katie. Jordan, at the first meeting, said Katie talked to him a lot and made him laugh. But when Jordan returned to East Yorkshire and Katie moved to the West Midlands, the distance between the two fell in love.

Lost contact with Katie for a long time
In the distance, Katie initially sent several letters to Jordan, stating how much she loved Jordan. Jordan said he had been in contact with Katie for a long time, but as the two moved forward there was a gap between them and the communication was severed. After a long day, when Jordan saw these letters, he remembered Katie again, and after reading them, he realized that over time he had lost someone very special to him. Jordan shared a photo of the letters on Facebook and said how much he misses Katie. He asked people to help introduce Katie. People on social media come to their aid (man looking for ex-boyfriend on social media).

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