June 9, 2023

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UK: Train passengers stranded on the ground for hours after power outages tstsb

Highlights of the story

  • Passengers are panicked as information about the train is not available
  • Authorities apologized to the passengers

A train was cut off midway. She stopped. It was dark all over the train. She stood in one place for hours. The passenger said people were pushed to the toilet on the floor of the train at this time. Because the toilet didn’t even work. No announcement has been made regarding the condition of the train.

This is the situation in Britain. On May 7 a train was traveling from Liverpool to Wilmslow via Manchester Piccadilly. There was a break on the way. In a conversation with the Manchester Evening News the traveler said- The train came to a sudden stop at 10.15 pm. It felt like the electricity was cut off and everything stopped. This caused a commotion on the train.

The passenger said the passengers were not informed about the train being stopped. No notice until the train stops. Said All the passengers sat on the train for about 2 hours and 30 minutes in the dark. Passengers said- Passengers were stranded. The train toilet was overflowing.

A second train arrived to evacuate the people

On the condition that his identity be kept secret, the person said – women cannot use the toilet. The men urinated on the floor and in the pool. Passengers have no information on how long they will be stuck like this. There was only one employee on the train. She came to the passengers 1 hour after the train stopped. Then she only said that the update did not come. So we all panicked.

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The passenger added – At midnight, the train was said to be coming to pick us up from here. That’s why we all have to empty this train. A passenger told us this information and the train staff did not give us any information.

Authorities apologized

We got off the train via a ladder and boarded another train. The train also departed 30 minutes later. But the train did not take us to the final destination and dropped us off at Manchester Victoria Station. We got there late at 1.27pm. After that we ended the journey in a taxi.

Railway officials later apologized for the incident. The train lost its power due to a malfunction in the overhead power supply and could not recover due to remote location.