June 29, 2022

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UK UK Govt has reduced 19 home isolation period to 5 days to boost economy Find out full details here

New Delhi: The corona epidemic has had a profound and devastating effect on the economies of countries around the world. All countries are currently making changes to the corona protocol to accelerate economic activity. Taking a major decision on Thursday, the UK government has again reduced the period of isolation. The government has said it has decided to reduce the isolation period for corona victims from seven days to five days to speed up economic activity.

Announcing the changes, Health Secretary Sajid Javed said the government would review policy to avoid the risk of contagion coming out of isolation and at the same time increase economic activity. Javed said that our freedom should not be restricted even for a single day as much as possible.

The health secretary said corona testing was mandatory for those coming out of isolation and that isolation could only be completed if the report was negative. Earlier, the UK government had reduced the isolation period from 10 days before Christmas to 5 days and revised the isolation rules again.

A UK health care agency conducted a study on the period of isolation in which eight per cent of people are still infected on the fifth day, compared to 6.2 per cent on the seventh day. In addition, another study showed that Omigran was milder than other covit types, and the report found that the risk of hospital admission was up to 50 percent lower than that of Delta.

Health Secretary Javid said data from the UK Health Care Agency showed that nearly two-thirds of positive cowpea cases at the end of a five-day stay at home were not contagious.

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We can tell you that the corona epidemic has wreaked havoc in Europe and its worst outbreak has been seen in Britain. More than 1.5 lakh people have died here due to the Govt-19 virus. The big wave of Corona’s new variant Omigran started last month, but has now subsided somewhat.

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