May 25, 2022

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Ukraine crisis: US warns Russia Biden says – not too late … – US President Joe Biden has called on Russia for expansion and talks.

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine continue. Ukraine says it is trying to provoke the Russian military to attack the Ukrainian army. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden has warned Russia. Biden said the dispute could be resolved through negotiations. It’s not too late yet. Russia can still choose a solution to this problem in diplomatic ways. Even now we can sit at the table and talk about this issue.

On the issue of Russia-Ukraine tensions, Biden made several tweets in a row on Saturday. He said Russian troops in the south were still stationed in Belarus near the Black Sea. They have surrounded Ukraine. There are many reasons to believe that the Russian military is planning to attack Ukraine in the coming days. When this happens, the United States and our allies will support the people of Ukraine. Western nations are united in this matter. If Russia invades Ukraine, we are ready to impose severe sanctions on Russia.

The White House has issued a statement saying the United States and its allies are considering providing packages to Ukraine in the event of a Russian attack on Ukraine. Dilip Singh, the White House’s deputy security adviser, has said Russian military intelligence was behind the recent Distributed Service Denial (DDoS) attacks. The Russian company has temporarily taken over Ukraine’s banking and government websites.

US Deputy National Security Adviser Anne Newberger has said that Russia is taking “aggressive measures” in cyberspace. Washington wants to correct Russia’s responsibility for this. Newberger said the United States has data showing that the strings attached to Russia’s attacks are linked to the Russian company. We tell you that Russia has denied its role in the cyber attack.