October 2, 2022

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Ukraine-Russia border conflict; Secretary of State Sergei Lavrov responds to US President Joe Biden’s warning The Russian Foreign Minister said – there is no intention to attack Ukraine, but it is our right to defend our country

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  • Ukraine-Russia border conflict; Secretary of State Sergei Lavrov responded after a warning from US President Joe Biden

Moscow7 hours ago

Players in a forward post in Ukraine.

In the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, for the time being, the threat of war seems to be over. On Friday afternoon, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made it clear that he had no intention of attacking Ukraine. We do not want to start any kind of war. However, Lavrov made it clear that the Russians had the same right to defend their country as any other country.

Lavrov’s statement comes after US President Joe Biden warned on Thursday night that Russian President Vladimir Putin would personally pay the price if Russia invaded Ukraine. The White House has threatened to impose sanctions on Putin personally.

Players preparing to move to a position in Ukraine.

Why is Lavrov’s statement important?
The United States and its NATO allies had made full preparations for war. Biden made it clear that any attack by Russia on Ukraine at any time would be considered an attack on NATO and would be met with appropriate retaliation. Britain then sent anti-tank weapons and Canada sent one of its troops to Ukraine.

If war were imposed on Ukraine, things would not stop there, but Russia also realized that the fire could spread to many European countries. The United States provided in writing to Russia what demands it was prepared to accept.

Ukrainian soldiers walk in front of a building destroyed in the 2014 Crimean War.

Ukrainian soldiers walk in front of a building destroyed in the 2014 Crimean War.

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France and Germany
Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron had a lengthy telephone conversation with Russian President Putin on Thursday night. Macron made it clear to him that if Russia did not back down, the world would be in danger of a new war and that it would not benefit anyone. Germany, on the other hand, has been increasing pressure on Russia that its relations with Russia could be strained in the event of war. Apart from this, China is also believed to be pressuring Russia not to attack until the Winter Olympics.

What is Biden’s threat?
US President Joe Biden has ordered 27 Russian ambassadors to leave the country amid tensions between Russia and Ukraine. The order was issued by Washington and the Biden administration rejected a Russian request that Ukraine not join NATO. This was a very strict position.

Biden had warned that an attack on Ukraine could have dire consequences for Russia. Russia plans to supply natural gas to Europe through this pipeline.

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