May 25, 2022

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Ukraine Russia War Live: Day 23 Of Russia Ukraine Conflict, nato Countries, Vladimir Putin, Unsc, Zelensky – Russia Ukraine War Live: The Russian army attacked the Lviv airport area in western Ukraine.

03:25 PM, 18-March-2022

Ukraine seeks to postpone peace talks: Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke by phone with German Chancellor Olaf Scholes today. Meanwhile, Putin said that Qi was trying to postpone peace talks with Russia, but that Moscow was ready for talks. Putin said Kiev was making every effort to delay the talks.

02:13 pm, 18-March-2022

UK revokes license for Russian-backed broadcaster RT

Amid inquiries into Ukraine’s war coverage, Britain’s communications regulator revoked the license of Russian-backed broadcaster RT. This information was reported by the AB news agency.

01:56 PM, 18-March-2022

Australia bans 11 Russian banks

Australia imposes sanctions on 11 Russian banks and state-owned enterprises

01:08 PM, 18-March-2022

The Russian army attacked the Lviv airport area in western Ukraine

Russian forces have attacked the Lviv airport in western Ukraine. This attack is likely to cause severe damage.

12:25 PM, 18-March-2022

Russia has declared Ukraine’s Donbass region a no-fly zone

Russia has established a no-fly zone in the Donbass region of Ukraine, according to a separatist official in the Donetsk People’s Republic. The Interfox news agency reported the news on Friday.

11:18 am, 18-March-2022

780 civilians killed in Ukraine: UN

The United Nations has confirmed that 780 civilians have been killed since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

08:27 AM, 18-Mar-2022

Lebanon was the first Arab country to support Ukraine

Lebanon was the first Arab country to support Ukraine and oppose Russia.

08:00 am, 18-March-2022

Bombing of 14 Russian targets: Ukraine’s air defense force

Ukraine’s air defense force says it has destroyed 14 Russian bases. The airstrikes were carried out on March 17. However, the extent of the damage to Russia has not yet been revealed.

07:55 AM, 18-Mar-2022

Ukraine has the support of 203 Nobel laureates

203 Nobel laureates write letter in support of Ukraine against Russian occupation. The letter said Russia’s move was reminiscent of Nazi Germany’s invasion of Poland in 1939.

07:43 AM, 18-Mar-2022

Russia-Ukraine war live: Russian military strikes near Lviv airport in western Ukraine

The war between Ukraine and Russia continues for the 23rd day in a row. The two countries are not ready to bow to each other. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden once again used harsh words against Putin. Biden described Putin as a murderous dictator and a pure fraud. Apart from this, Zhelensky addressed the country again.