May 25, 2022

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Ukraine Russia war live update: Ukraine demands rights in the midst of war – 228 killed in Russian attack so far in Gaius.

Russia-Ukraine war live: The last 25 days of a ceasefire between Ukraine and Russia have not been named. During these 25 days, Russia continued to fire missiles at Ukraine, destroying several major cities in Ukraine. On the other hand millions of people are fleeing the country. The scale of the devastation is that, according to the United Nations, at least 816 civilians have been killed so far in Ukraine. At the same time, the United Nations estimates that about 6.5 million people have been displaced into Ukraine since the war began. Ukraine, on the other hand, says many of the bombs dropped by Russia have not exploded and will take years to deactivate.

According to the UN refugee agency, about 3 million people in Ukraine, or 7 percent, have fled the country. At the same time, an estimated 6 million children living and displaced in Ukraine drop out of school. Currently tennis star Roger Federer has come forward to help such children. His foundation has decided to provide Rs 3.8 crore to help these children. Roger Federer tweeted this information.

Federer said, ‘My family and I are scared to look at pictures of Ukraine. It is heartbreaking to see innocent people suffering like this. We stand here for peace. We will help the children of Ukraine who need care.

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