October 5, 2022

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United States: Four held hostage in Texas, Pakistani scientist released – 4 held hostage at US Texas synagogue

Highlights of the story

  • People are being held hostage at a Texas synagogue
  • Hostage Afia demands release of Siddiqui

Four people have been taken hostage in the US state of Texas. According to law enforcement officials, the men were taken hostage at a synagogue in Texas. However, one of the hostages was later released.

Pakistani scientist Afia Siddiqui has been released on bail. Afia was charged with attempting to assassinate U.S. military officers while in Afghan custody. Afia is currently being held in a Texas federal prison.

The hostage describes himself as Afia Siddiqui’s brother. But, Afia’s brother came out and said that the hostage was not Afia’s brother.

The media reported that the incident took place in the church of Beth Israel. At the time of the incident, a live broadcast of religious services at the synagogue was taking place on Facebook. In such a situation one can see a person entering there with a gun. One of the four hostages is a rabbi (Jewish religious leader). At the same time, the police and the SWAT team are also at the scene. The team is constantly trying to contact the hostage favorite.

Police, on the other hand, have evacuated nearby residents. Apart from this people are advised not to go to this area. However, police said there were no casualties so far. At the same time, Israel is watching the whole thing. US President Joe Biden has also taken stock of the situation.