December 1, 2022

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Unknown animal species: Skeleton of unknown species found in Turkey


  • Skeleton of a mysterious creature discovered during excavations in Turkey
  • There is no information yet about the species of this creature.
  • Those who claim to be dinosaurs on social media

Workers have unearthed the skeleton of an unknown species during excavations in the eastern Turkish province of Igdir. The skeleton was found during excavations in the courtyard of an old spinning mill. Above this place is the present garden. The skeleton is said to be one meter (3.3 feet) long. Its teeth are like a prey animal. Following the virality of images of the animal, users on social media have been claiming it is associated with dinosaurs.

Skeleton in good condition
According to the Daily Sabha, the workers noticed that some bone tissue was still intact. He then reported his findings to the Center for Biodiversity Applications and Research at Igdir University. Upon receiving the information the university came there and seized the body of the animal. They took the skeleton of this creature and took it to the university. He is this Unknown creatures Research to identify the species of the skeleton has also begun.

Scientists looking for species of organisms
Iktir University lecturer Belkis Musa Yikit told the Anatolian Agency that they would try to identify the species of animal after the experiment. Until then we will make sure this skeleton is preserved in the museum. Excavation operator Yusuf Kotte said the skeleton of the animal was found while workers were working in an area that had not been used for the past 30-40 years.

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Workers who saw the strange creature called the authorities
He said the shape of the skeleton fascinated workers. After that, he informed the local administration about the situation. Authorities subsequently contacted the university. He also said that we saw that the joint was too long after joining its spine. It may be an interesting species because it has no hoofs on its legs and also has sharp teeth.

People on social media say dinosaurs
People who have seen this skeleton on social media sites in Turkey are claiming to be associated with dinosaurs. They say the creature may be a close relative of the dinosaurs. However, Turkish scientists and officials have not yet released any statement on the claim. In the picture, the skull and claws of this animal look like a dinosaur. However, the age of the skeleton dinosaurs is not known.