March 28, 2023

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US backs out on pledge to Ukraine, won’t send F-16 fighter jet – US President Joe Biden says Ukraine has no F-16 fighter jet as Russia claims NTC gains.

The war between Russia and Ukraine will soon be a year old. Under such circumstances Russia’s aggression has not abated, nor has Ukraine been ready to kneel. In such a situation, almost the whole of Europe, including the United States, stands strongly with Ukraine. In such a situation, there are reports that the United States has withdrawn from the decision to give its F-16 fighter jets for the purpose of attacking Russian artillery.

US President Joe Biden told reporters at the White House on Monday that Ukraine has asked us for F-16 fighter jets in its war against Russia. But we will not provide them.

Ukraine plans to introduce fourth-generation fighter jets like the F-16, an adviser to Ukraine’s defense minister said on Friday. According to the spokesperson of the Ukrainian Air Force, it takes six months to train pilots for such combat aircraft.

Biden was asked if the US would give him the fighter jet to help Ukraine in the war. Biden said he was unclear about this.

Earlier, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had said that Russia was moving aggressively in its eastern region. Biden’s statement comes after Zelensky’s statement, which is sure to be a blow to Ukraine as he continues to push the US for the F-16. However, this time, Biden said he plans to visit Poland on the first anniversary of the Russia-Ukraine war.

At the same time, French President Emmanuel Macron has said that he has not refused to provide warplanes to Ukraine. But with this, Macron said he would do so only under certain conditions.

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What is an F-16 fighter jet?

The F-16 fighter jets were first developed in the 1970s. The F-16 fighter jet is equipped with an advanced radar system and advanced weapons. It is capable of air combat. Its speed is 2414 kilometers per hour. Can fly in bad weather and destroy enemy targets at a distance of 4220 km.