May 25, 2022

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US President Joe Biden says India is an exception to Western sanctions punishing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Washington: The war between Russia and Ukraine continues. In this case, the United States has imposed severe sanctions on Russia. US President Joe Biden has said that India is an exception among key US allies. Western sanctions punishing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are “somewhat unacceptable.” Biden said India was unstable in some of these, except for the Quad’s allies, but Japan was very strong. Biden said Australia was in a similar position in dealing with Putin’s aggression.

US President Joe Biden has warned US companies that Russia could launch a cyber attack. It said in a statement that if companies did not already take strong measures to protect themselves from cyber-attacks, they would immediately ask their private sector partners to tighten their cyber security. Citing Joe Biden’s intelligence, the Russian government is exploring options for a possible cyber attack.

In fact, the war between Russia and Ukraine has become complicated. Ukraine was not ready to bow down or the Russian army was unable to capture major Ukrainian cities. Meanwhile, Biden is due to travel to Poland, which borders Ukraine. Watched videos and pictures of the devastation of the war around the world. The disaster approached Poland-Ukraine last week when Russian forces demolished a military base. As Poland is a member of NATO, Russia’s move has caused concern.

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US President Joe Biden will visit Poland during his upcoming trip to Europe to hold talks with NATO and European allies amid Russia’s continued attacks on Ukraine. Leaving Washington on Wednesday, Biden will travel to Brussels and then to Poland, where he will meet with heads of state, White House spokeswoman Jen Zaki said on Sunday.

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NATO member Poland offers asylum to Ukrainian refugees
Poland is a neighbor of Ukraine. Poland has provided shelter to more than two million people fleeing the war – torn country. Poland has always urged its fellow NATO members to do more to stop this bloodshed. White House officials have previously said Biden has no plans to travel to Ukraine. Biden and NATO have repeatedly stated that the United States and its military allies will provide arms and other security assistance to non-NATO Ukraine.

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NATO does not want to get involved with Russia

Nevertheless, the United States and NATO say they are committed to avoiding any action that could increase the risk of a wider war with Russia. The question is, is Biden ready to respond to Russia’s visit to Poland? The visit of the US president to Ukraine’s NATO neighbor could also provoke Putin. Putin has warned NATO that interfering in the war will have the worst consequences in history. Ukrainian President Zhelensky has called on NATO to declare Ukraine ‘no flying’, but NATO does not want to confront Russia directly.