January 27, 2023

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US President Joe Biden Warns Against Micron Variation, Winter for Severe Illness and Death by Unvaccinated Corona Virus – International News in Hindi

All over the world Corona virus Off Omigron Variations have raised concerns. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden has warned people about this variation. On Thursday, Joe Biden said the corona virus could spread rapidly in the United States and could be a serious illness this winter. He warned those who were not vaccinated that those who were not vaccinated would also die.

The US president has received information from top health officials about the status of the epidemic. Biden told people to take a booster shot as soon as possible. Biden said, ‘This winter seems to be a serious illness and those who are not vaccinated may die.’ The US President tweeted, ‘Even if you are vaccinated, if you are worried about the new variant, take the booster dose. If you have not been vaccinated … go ahead and take the first dose. Together we will fight the Omigron variant.

The US President said that the Omigron variant was not spreading fast in the United States and that the administration here was commendable for this. Biden said, ‘Omigran is here now … it’s spreading, and it may move forward. Take your booster dose. This is very important. ‘ In the United States, while already struggling with delta-type infections, we can tell you that there is a risk of another confusing situation caused by the new form of the corona virus, Omigran. The country is at risk of an epidemic, with an increase in cases doubling.

However, the White House has previously said that vaccines should not be imposed because they are widely available and appear to be effective in providing protection against the ill effects of the virus.

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Jacob Lemieux, who oversaw the Govt forms for research collaboration led by the Harvard Medical School, said, “Cases of delta infection are increasing rapidly, and the number of Omigron cases is increasing.” This is worrying because our hospitals are already overcrowded and workers are tired.

Rochelle Walenski, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said preliminary data suggest that Omigron is more contagious than Delta and has a doubling time of two days.