November 30, 2022

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US warns Russia plans to invade Ukraine

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Training photo of Ukrainian soldiers

A U.S. official said Friday that Russia was planning to attack Ukraine.

A Pentagon spokesman said Russian activists were preparing a “fake flag” operation to provide an excuse to attack Ukraine. The spokesman said the plan was to prepare Ukraine for an attack. However, Russia has rejected these demands.

The revelation comes after a week of talks between the United States and Russia over ending tensions.

Meanwhile, Ukraine on Friday accused Russia of being behind cyber attacks on dozens of official websites.

Before these websites went offline, a message appeared warning the Ukrainian people to ‘be prepared for the worst situations’. However, within a few hours all the websites were restored.

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New experiment of workers in Ukraine

The United States and NATO have condemned the attack and offered to help Ukraine. At the same time, Russia has not commented on the hack.

“They (Russia) have appointed a group of activists to carry out what we call a ‘fake flag’ operation,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said Friday. It’s like attacking Russian speakers in Russia or Ukraine (Russia) (Ukraine) as an excuse to enter. “

U.S. officials say the militants are trained in the use of war and ammunition in urban areas. So that they can campaign against Russian-backed rebels.

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry says preparations are underway to launch similar operations against Russian troops stationed in the Transnistria region of Moldova. On the other hand, a Russian spokesman said all of these claims were unsubstantiated and unsubstantiated.

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Ukraine: Will there be a negotiated solution?

Analysis by BBC correspondent Barbara Usher in the United States

Sharing this particular intelligence is an unusual signal from the United States. But the Biden administration has made it clear that the United States will expose any claims made by Russia. To this end, the United States will bring to the fore any propaganda or disruption of Russia’s alleged strategy.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the United States wanted the world to know how the attack was carried out. Because Russia used the same method in Crimea.

Kirby says the White House believes there is still time for diplomacy. And he still does not believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin has made the final decision on the attack on Ukraine.

Russia denies such intentions. But the United States is not waiting for Vladimir Putin’s next step. Russia has been warned that if Russian troops enter Ukraine, it could face sanctions and other consequences.

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Russia has strongly opposed the Indian media, which is why

The statement came after US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said Russia was looking for excuses and laying the groundwork for an attack on Ukraine.

U.S. and Russian officials have been in talks since last week to defuse tensions in Ukraine, but no consensus has been reached.

Russia has denied plans to invade Ukraine. Russia wants a guarantee against NATO’s eastern expansion, but some Western nations say they can not guarantee it.

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