March 25, 2023

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Video: Sikh youths do something like this to save a person trapped in the brink of death, people salute – Sikh youths use turbans to save man from falling water virus Canadian Sikh community tstf

Story Highlights

  • The young man drowned and saved someone
  • Video of the incident has been released
  • The Sikhs were rescued with turbans

A video of five young men from the Sikh community saving their lives has gone viral on social media. He gave his life to save the man who had drowned in the water. The Sikh community of British Columbia also shared its video. Let’s find out what’s in this video …

In fact, this incident was the fall of the Golden Years of Canada. Two people were trapped around 6 p.m. One of them slipped and fell into the water. No matter how hard he tried he could not get out. His life is in danger.

This information was reported to the rescue team. But, before they could get there, a group of Sikhs went into action. Five young Sikhs came there and took the person out safely. For this, he took off his turban and made a rope out of it to save the life of the person floating in the water.

The turban saved the man’s life

Rescue team member When our team went there, the Sikh community people took the youth out safely. He took off his turban and made a long rope, which was caught and the young man was thrown out.

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Sikh youth are praised on social media for saving that person’s life. Users salute them. Because he gave his life to save the man who was drowning.