August 10, 2022

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Vladimir Putin has been attacked by Sweden in Finland. Organization (NATO) Russia Ukraine in the middle of the war

New Delhi: Stories of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s flirtation continue to surface. There is a lot of discussion about middle aged gymnast girlfriends. But these days Putin is very upset by two women. You may have heard the name Sana Marin. Recently, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Finland, the chemistry between the two was worth seeing. You may have seen it too. The Prime Minister of Finland Sanna Marin is 36. The youngest leader in the world to lead a country. He is the leader of the Social Democratic Party. Now let’s talk about Eva Magdalena Anderson. He is the Prime Minister of Sweden’s neighbor Finland. Eva, 55, is also the leader of the Social Democrats. These two female prime ministers are currently being talked about all over the world. In fact, Sanna Marin and Eva Magdalena have Russian President Vladimir Putin on their noses. Both have announced their intention to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in defiance of Putin’s threats.

The decision shocked Russia, which has the world’s largest number of nuclear weapons. Vladimir Putin carrying the nuclear command button is in a mess. On the other hand, Putin’s army, which boasts of destroying Ukraine within a week, does not seem to be living up to their expectations. On May 24, three months of the invasion of Ukraine will come to an end, but the Donbass will not be fully captured. Zhelensky’s fighters did not allow the Russian army to advance for 82 days like the store at the steel plant in Mariupol. The pace of Putin’s victory is what many defense experts around the world call Russia’s failure.

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In this case, two women from Finland and Sweden are currently harassing the man who threatened the United States. In fact, if he adheres to Putin’s argument for waging war against Ukraine, he should launch special military operations in Sweden and Finland. But is Russia in this position now? The answer is no. Putin can’t even think. Putin had said in the war argument that Russia’s security would be jeopardized if Ukraine joined NATO. Putin argued that NATO, comprising 30 countries of the United States and Europe, was created against the Soviet Union and now wants to bully Russia after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. NATO missiles to be deployed in Ukraine However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Nazi Zhelensky in the Russian-speaking areas of Luhansk and Donetsk.

The logic of the attack on Ukraine failed

Now if you compare it with Ukraine, Finland and Sweden are two steps ahead. Sanna Marin and Eva Magdalena have sent a plan to join NATO. On the other hand, neither US President Joe Fideno nor British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who carried a gun on the shoulders of Ukraine, has jumped on the good news for the Western Jamaat as a whole. Lucky Turkey set foot last time. Otherwise, as we discuss with you today, Sweden and Finland would have joined the lead against Russia in the aftermath of World War II. Turkey says both support Kurdish rebels. Clear its stand first. Now NATO’s constitution states that any decision will be taken with the consent of all member states, so the break has been taken for now. But it will not last long, and that too for sure. Because there is a war going on in Ukraine but the US is in a proxy war against Russia.

There is a 1380 km long border between Finland and Russia. Looking at the map of Northern Europe, Sweden does not share its land border with Russia. But at a distance of 1227 km, any medium-range missile can pass in a matter of seconds. That is, if you want to attack Russia from Sweden, you do not need an intercontinental ballistic missile. The Apna Prithvi missile is enough. Putin treated these two countries as fools. Let’s understand a little geography as well. Finland covers an area of ​​3,38,145 square kilometers and has a population of only 5.6 million. Sweden, on the other hand, covers an area of ​​4,50,295 km2 and has a population of 10 million. If the area of ​​the two is combined, it is 788,440 square kilometers and the population of the two is about 1.5 crores. Compare that with Russia, which now covers an area of ​​17,125,191 square kilometers and has a population of 146 million. That is, Russia is about 22 times larger than these two countries. That means bulky size.

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Compare the military strength now embedded. The Swedish army has 24000 soldiers and the Finnish army has 23000 soldiers. But there is a difference. Military training is compulsory for every young person in Finland. In this way 9 lakh Finns could go to the battlefield if needed. Sweden has a defense budget of $ 8 billion and Finland $ 6 billion. On the other hand, Putin, who owns Russia’s largest atomic bombs, has 1 million regular soldiers, and can drop 1 million if needed. Russia’s defense budget, equipped with the Air Force’s massive fire force, is about $ 62 billion. Which means that the comparison of strength is useless. But Putin is well explained by Eva and Sana Marin. Section 5 of NATO states that if a NATO member state is attacked, it will be considered an attack on all NATO countries and a joint response will be given to the enemy. In this sense, if Finland and Sweden join NATO, they will have that protective umbrella, which will put an end to Russia’s fears. Even Vladimir Putin understood this. So after the threat, the tone diminished. Now Putin has said that joining NATO will not change the two. But if arms are piled up on the Russian border, Russia will not be quiet.