March 27, 2023

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Volodymyr Zelensky Vladimir Putin War News Updates: The President of Ukraine has questioned the evidence of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Kiev: Russia’s attack on UkraineRussia invades UkraineThere are many speculations about that. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has said Russia will never attack after the Winter Olympics.Russia-Ukraine war) Can. U.S. intelligence says Russia has attacked Ukraine.Russian invasion of Ukraine) Is scheduled for Wednesday. Meanwhile the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky ,Volodymyr Zhelensky on the Russian offensive) Has sought evidence that calls into question the Russian attack claims. He said if you have 100% conclusive evidence of a Russian attack, give it to us. Meanwhile, for the defense of Ukraine, the United States launched Tomahawk missiles (Tomahawk missileArmed with four more warshipsUS Navy ships) Sent to Eastern Europe. Meanwhile, the Russian Navy (Russian naval exercise in the Black Sea) Is also conducting naval exercises with more than 30 warships in the Black Sea. The day before, US President Joe Biden held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the tensions in Ukraine. But, it did not show any benefit.

The President of Ukraine asked for 100% proof of the attack
Ukrainian President Zhelensky has received more information about the full-scale war with Russia – specific dates have also been announced. We understand that there are risks. If you have any further information on Russia’s 100% guaranteed invasion of Ukraine on February 16, please let us know. Zhelensky said he did not believe in the threat of a full-scale war at this time. I like to talk to people with real information. We get information from many sources. We also have intelligence. I do not think this is worse than the intelligence of other countries.

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US sanctions on Russia: Why Putin is not afraid of US sanctions against Ukraine, do you know what China’s involvement is?
There is a lot of debate about Russia’s attack on Ukraine
There have been various dates in the US media regarding Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Bloomberg said, citing unnamed U.S. intelligence officials, that Russia could attack Ukraine on February 16. A few days ago, there was a heated argument between US State Department spokesman Nate Price and a White House correspondent for the Associated Press over the Ukraine issue. Netflix said Russia was preparing to make fake videos of atrocities by the Ukrainian military to justify its invasion, but declined to provide any evidence.

Russia-Ukraine tensions: 30 Russian naval warships fire in the Black Sea, with the United States sending 4 submarines armed with Tomahawk missiles.
The United States has asked all citizens to leave Ukraine
The U.S. State Department has urged all emergency personnel at the embassy in Kiev to leave Ukraine on Saturday. The United States has said it will reduce staff at its embassy in view of the Russian military’s readiness and growing tensions on the Ukrainian border. In addition, many countries, including Britain and Japan, have ordered their citizens to leave Ukraine immediately. Meanwhile, Joe Biden has announced that the United States will send 3,000 additional troops to Poland to assist NATO.

Russian naval vessels: Russia’s Great Destroyer warship heading out to Mediterranean could destroy Ukraine’s entire fleet!
Ukrainian authorities retaliated for fear of attack
In his comments on Saturday, Ukrainian President Zhelensky expressed surprise at the expulsion of diplomats and called for political and diplomatic efforts to defuse tensions. Late last month, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksey Reznikov promised that the Russian military had not yet formed a strike group capable of carrying out attacks. At the same time, the head of the Ukrainian National Security and Security Council, Oleksi Danilov, was highly critical of speculation about a Russian attack.