March 28, 2023

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Watch the 2024 Nissan GT-R debut here at 8 PM EST; Will it be the last or the all-new?

Nissan will officially unveil the ’24MY Coupe’ at the Tokyo Auto Salon

by Chris Shelton

7 hours ago

    Watch the 2024 Nissan GT-R debut here at 8 PM EST;  Will it be the last or the all-new?

by Chris Shelton

The Nissan GT-R is dead In much of the world, after being pulled from sale in Europe and Australia, but in Japan, the company is preparing to launch the 2024 sedan for markets like the United States where the super coupe is still alive and kicking.

The 2024 version of the car, which first went on sale in 2007, will be announced At the Tokyo Auto Salon 8 p.m. EST on Jan. 12 (10 a.m. on the 13th for those in Japan).

The Nissan YouTube channel will broadcast the unveiling at Nissan’s main stand at Makuhari Messe where the vehicle will be presented by Nissan COO Ashwani Gupta and Chief Vehicle Engineer Takashi Kawaguchi. This will be followed 3.5 hours later by a less official, but perhaps more in-depth introduction to the 2024 GT-R, which can again be watched live on YouTube, but this time featuring Kawaguchi, chief powertrain engineer Naoki Nakata, and brand ambassador Hiroshi Tamura.

This much we know, but what is not clear is exactly what the team will deliver. Although it is not a secret That Nissan works In the all-new electric GT-R, we don’t expect to see that until later in the decade. So the 2024 car is almost certainly another mild change to the current car, though we’d be glad to be proven wrong.

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2017 Nissan GT-R1 Watch the 2024 Nissan GT-R debut here at 8 PM EST;  Will it be the last or the all-new?
It was the GT-R’s last major overhaul for the 2017 model year

The last really big update for the GT-R in 2016 When the car was updated for 2017, it featured new bumpers, a redesigned cabin and more power from the VR38DETT V6 engine. Nissan skipped the 2022 model year, but has reintroduced the car to North America for the 2023 model year. It currently makes 565 bhp (573 PS) and 467 lb-ft (633 Nm), and costs $113,540 in the US.

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It took Nissan six years between showing the 2001 GT-R concept car and taking the covers off the production version that’s still with us today, so we’re not surprised the company isn’t in a rush to haul it to the scrap heap even if it is. Now it sells a fraction of the units it did before. The question is how do you replace it? If you’re a night owl and want to watch the 2024 GT-R presentations live, you’ll find the YouTube links below.

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