March 25, 2023

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When the ‘rich’ guy came home at 1pm the stranger called the girl and it happened – the women accused him of holding a man who had called the date hostage tstsb

After chatting with the little girl on Instagram, the man reached an apartment to meet her. But in reality he fell victim to a honey trap and came to life.The matter is from Manhattan, New York.

According to the American media report, the victim accused the girl she was talking to of abducting her and torturing her for hours. Even during the video call with the man’s brother, he was stabbed. He has also demanded a bribe of about 76 lakh rupees.

Police found the man 24 hours after the incident. He was tied to the back of the van and found dead. And he is currently receiving treatment at the hospital.

The name of the accused girl is Valerie Rosario. She is 22 years old. He has been charged with kidnapping and attempted murder.

The person arrived late at 1pm to meet the girl.

The victim’s side claims that the girl persuaded an unidentified person to come to Marble Hill Avenue. According to the complaint, the person arrived at the girl around 1 am. The woman then started torturing him.

According to documents submitted to the court, three people entered the apartment. One of them was holding a handgun. Valerie and her accomplices undressed the man. He took me to the bathtub. Also place flammable material on the person and set it on fire. Then, he stabbed the person in the legs and back with a knife.

It is customary for a boy to give evidence of his wealth on Instagram

As the man continued to provide evidence of his wealth on Instagram, the woman caught the man and invited the man to the apartment. They have carried out this incident for the sake of more money.

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Assistant District Attorney Andrew Kluger said in Manhattan Criminal Court that the kidnappers took the victim to another location after torturing him for several hours.

According to the complaint, the man’s brother received a video call in the afternoon. The masked kidnappers demanded ransom, and one of them stabbed his brother. Give us a million dollars or we will kill your brother.

Later, one of the perpetrators, Javier Vargas, was arrested by police. He was sitting in the van with a knife.