March 25, 2023

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WHO on Omicron boosters: New vaccine for Omicron Covid 19 World Health Organization experts say no need for repeat boosters


  • The WHO says corona vaccines should be more effective against Omicron
  • The advice was provided by the WHO’s Technical Advisory Committee and a panel of 18 experts
  • He said similar vaccines should be developed in the future to prevent the spread of the disease.

The World Health Organization says corona vaccines should be the most effective in the world to provide continued protection against Omigran variants. The WHO’s technical advisory panel and a panel of 18 experts on the composition of the corona vaccine said Tuesday that although current vaccines provide a high level of protection against deaths caused by acute illness and variants (VOCs), existing vaccines still exist. In danger. However, in the future, we need to develop vaccines that can prevent infection.

Meanwhile, there is a need to make the corona virus vaccine more effective so that the virus can be prevented from spreading, the organization said. The fast-spreading types require such compounds that are genetically and antigenically close, often reducing the need for booster doses and providing broader, stronger and more sustainable responses, the WHO said.
World’s Omicron wave, 11 percent increase in cases, WHO ‘highest risk’
Omigron sends its delta variant faster
Experts encourage corona vaccine manufacturers to provide data on the effectiveness of current and omigran-specific vaccines to determine when changes in vaccine composition may be needed. Experts have stressed the importance of the widespread global access to the current corona vaccines, given the current Omigron variants.

The WHO said that the omigran form of the corona virus was rapidly surpassing its delta variants and that cases of infection from this form were now being reported worldwide. A senior World Health Organization official has warned. There is “increasing evidence” that Omicron avoids immunity, but the severity of the disease is lower than other forms, a Global Health Agency official has warned.

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Because of Omicron, people are admitted to the hospital
Maria van Kerkov, WHO’s epidemiologist and ‘Kovit-19 technology leader’, said on Tuesday that depending on the extent of the spread of the delta pattern in some countries, it may take time for Omigron to dominate the delta. . During an online question and answer session, Kerkov said, “Omicron has been found in all countries where genome sequencing technology is advanced and it may be in all countries of the world.” It is fast overtaking the delta in terms of distribution. So Omigron is becoming the dominant form and its cases are coming forward.

Despite some reports that Omigran is less severe than the delta form, he warned that “this is not a mild disease” because “Omigran could lead to hospitalizations”. According to the WHO’s Covit-19 weekly epidemiological update, 15 million new cases of Covid were reported worldwide in the week from January 3 to 9, 55 percent more than the previous week. Come on. There were cases where about 43,000 patients died last week. As of January 9, more than 30.40 crore Govt-19 cases have been reported and more than 54 lakh people have died from the epidemic.


Omigron is rapidly changing the delta in the world