June 6, 2023

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Who warns, Europe has become the center of the corona

Corona has once again become the epicenter of the epidemic in Europe. The WHO has warned that a large number of cases have been reported in European countries in a week for the first time since the onset of the corona epidemic last week. During this time, about 20 lakh cases were reported and about 27 thousand people lost their lives. Corona exposure is on the rise again in China and the United States.

According to the Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tetros Caprais, the recent death toll from the Corona virus in Europe is 27,000. This is more than half of the Govt-19 deaths in the world last week.

COVID-19 cases are on the rise not only in countries with low vaccination rates in Eastern Europe but also in countries with the highest vaccination rates in the world in Western Europe.

According to the WHO’s weekly report, 19,49,419 new cases were reported in the European region from November 1 to 7, an increase of 10 percent over the new week. On the other hand, the epidemic continues to spread in China as well. The epidemic has spread to 21 provinces. The situation is much worse in Russia and Canada. More than 2,000 people have died of corona in the United States in the past week.

What is happening in Europe is a ‘warning to the world’
Michael Ryan, managing director of the WHO’s Health Emergency Program, said the main reason for the increase in cases in Europe was the fall in temperatures. Despite the availability of vaccines, what is happening in Europe is ‘a warning to the world’, Ryan said.

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He said, ‘Every country now has to look after their infections, protect their health workers or their health system and see to it that they do not get worse without this system in the next few months. Let’s do it. ‘

The clashes began shortly after the lockout was imposed in Holland
Conflicts in the country began as soon as Hollande was re-locked up under increasing corona cases in European countries. இதன்போது, ​​​​போராட்டக்காரர்கள் மீது பொலிஸார் தண்ணீர் பீரங்கிகளையும் வீசினர். Shops and restaurants here have been ordered to close in advance.

Hundreds of Dutch protesters took to the streets in the Netherlands to oppose the partial reversal of the lockout. Meanwhile, corona vulnerabilities are rapidly increasing here. In the evening protesters hurled stones at police. Police used batons and water cannons to disperse them.

21 provinces in China, 40 thousand new cases in Russia
Corona continues to wreak havoc in China and Russia. The epidemic has spread to 21 provinces in China. At the same time, 39,256 new corona cases have been reported in Russia in the last 24 hours. A total of 90,1851 cases have been reported here since the onset of the epidemic. 1,241 deaths have been reported here in the last 24 hours. During the same period, 33,803 patients across the country recovered from the epidemic.