November 30, 2022

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Why didn’t Arton roar? Take your steps back

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan last week announced the expulsion of ambassadors from 10 countries, including the United States, which was seen as a major decision.

It was said that Erton had chosen the path of conflict and that it would retreat. Erdogan ordered his foreign ministry to send back ambassadors from ten countries as soon as possible. But the Turkish Foreign Ministry is engaged in finding a neutral.

Erdogan said the United States, Germany, France and seven European countries had issued a joint statement insulting Turkey, demanding the release of Turkish activist Osman Kawala from prison.

But now Turkey says all 10 countries have publicly pledged to the Vienna Conference on diplomatic relations. Therefore, the decision to dismiss has now been withdrawn.

Turkey is at the worst stage of relations with the United States and Europe, and its currency, the lira, continues to fall. Meanwhile, Erdogan announced the expulsion of ambassadors from 10 countries and linked it to Turkish nationalism.

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Now in a televised statement, Erdogan said, “Our goal is not to create a crisis, but to protect Turkey’s honor, pride and dignity.” It has now been decided to forgive their mistakes, according to a statement from the ambassadors. I hope they will be more vigilant now about Turkey’s sovereignty in the future.

Within 48 hours, Erdogan’s attitude changed. Ankara’s diplomats were reportedly concerned about Erton’s announcement and tried to explain the whole thing correctly.

There is also concern among investors about Erton’s financial management. On Monday, the lira touched 9.85 against the US dollar. If the ambassadors of these ten countries were expelled, the lira was likely to fall further.

Why was Erdogan angry?

Osman Kalwa, 64, has become a popular figure in Turkey for his actions against journalists, activists and opposition leaders.

Osman Kalva, a Turkish philanthropist and activist, has not been convicted of any crime. He has been in prison in Turkey for the past four years. On September 17, the Council of Europe issued a final warning to Turkey to release Osman from prison.

But Turkey has so far ignored the warning. On December 10, 2019, the European Court of Human Rights ruled in favor of releasing the mixture. The court ruled that Kalwa’s arrest was political and that there was no evidence against him. Turkey has said the verdict of the European Court of Human Rights is not final. Now many countries are pressuring Turkey to release Kavala.

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On October 18, ambassadors from Germany, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and the United States called for an immediate resolution of the Kawala case in Turkey.

The two countries said in a joint statement that Turkey should respect the decision of the European Council. These countries stated in their statement that “the delay in the trial is against democracy, the rule of law and the transparency of the Turkish judiciary.”

Turkey says Kavala was behind the 2013 anti-government protests and the 2016 coup attempt. Erdogan calls Kavala a ‘terrorist’.

Responding to a joint statement from ambassadors from 10 countries, Erdogan said, “Who are you to teach Turkey a lesson? Will you free the bandits, murderers and terrorists in your countries?

On Saturday, Erdogan said he had instructed his foreign minister to declare the ambassadors of 10 countries “unacceptable.” But no formal letter was received by these ten ambassadors until Sunday night.

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Why did Erdogan back down?

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Chousolo, Erdoan’s spokesman and his adviser Ibrahim Kalin told the Financial Times that Ankara’s ambassadors were trying to convince the president that the decision would greatly affect Turkey. Some of these countries are Turkey’s key trading partners and NATO’s key allies.

On Monday afternoon, the US embassy in Turkey tweeted that the United States was committed to the 41st session of the Vienna Conference.

The article states that no diplomat can interfere in the internal affairs there. Other countries gave the same message or retweeted this tweet from the US Embassy. Soon after, Erdogan welcomed the report, according to Turkey’s state news agency Anatolu.

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But analysts say Erdogan’s report has already done much damage to the relationship. Turkey has been a traditional ally of the West, but relations have changed dramatically since Erdogan came to power.

Erdogan has been involved in mobilizing support in the US Congress for the purchase of dozens of F-16 fighter jets from the Biden administration. Erdogan is expected to meet with US President Biden at the G20 summit in Rome this week.

Biden, on the other hand, was not interested in the Erdogan government in Turkey. Even in September, when Erdogan went to New York to address the United Nations General Assembly, he could not even meet Pitton.

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