December 7, 2022

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Why is Britain’s first Indian-origin Prime Minister Rishi Sunak opposed in his own party? – Indian-origin British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak faces major party backlash over housing plans.

Rishi Sunak, who has been sworn in as Britain’s new Indian-origin Prime Minister, is facing opposition from within his own party. Dozens of Conservative Party members are strongly opposed to Sunak’s housing plans. Under this plan, the British government wants to build houses on a large scale in rural areas. The Sunak government had to adjourn this important bill before it could be introduced in the House. Because of this, the Sunak government may face difficulties in implementing the policy designed to deal with Britain’s severe economic crisis.

According to Bloomberg, Conservative members opposed to the ‘house building plan’ in the UK pressured Rishi Sunak to vote on the proposal on Tuesday night. 47 members of the party signed the amendment threatening to defeat the government. Some members are against this plan and some members want changes in this plan. The Tory member plans to talk to local communities about where to build homes.

There have been protests before

There has been a long-standing disagreement in the party regarding the ‘Magan Nirman Yojana’. Protesting Conservative MPs are concerned about opposition to the plan from local communities in their parliamentary constituencies in rural Britain. Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson also faced opposition from members of his own party over implementing the plan.

The fact that the Sunak motion was withdrawn rather than confronting the rebel members shows that the Conservative Party has not been able to carry out the plan’s resolution. This program is one of the main programs of the party’s manifesto.

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In fact, Rishi Sunak has a majority of only 67 members. In such a scenario, if Labor and other opposition parties support this Tory party, Chung could get a big blow.

Rebels win this issue

One of the rebel leaders, Teresa Villiers, in a conversation with Bloomberg said that the withdrawal of the motion is a historic victory for us. Salma Shah, a former adviser to Tory MPs, warned that the issue Rishi Sunak wants to fix is ​​a perennial problem for the Conservative Party. He said that to win the next election, Sunak should come up with a housing project. But Tory members are also forced to worry about their seats. Salma Shah said that there is no compromise on this.

Second shock in a week

Opposition to the plan is the second major policy setback for the Sunak government in less than a week. Conservative members have threatened rebellion after the Sunday Times reported on Sunak’s so-called “Swiss-style” trade deal with the EU.

Although Prime Minister Sunak denied this report. Senior officials have confirmed that Jeremy Hunt, the chancellor of the Revenue Department, is in contact with the European country, Brussels. The plan to join Brexit is also dangerous for the Conservative Party, as Europe has been plagued by divisive politics for decades and Britain has always resisted it.

Determined to build a house: Sunak
However, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s spokesman Max Blaine said the government was still committed to the plan to build the house. He said Secretary of State Michael Gove and the Department of Equalization were focusing on building 300,000 homes.

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Sunak is surrounded by these problems
Rishi Sunak and Jeremy Hunt have also faced criticism in the past week for saying some MPs were unhappy with the tax hike. Former cabinet minister Esther McVey wrote on the party’s website that the government’s economic plans were punishing voters. Two young parliamentarians of the Sunak party have announced that they will not contest the next parliamentary elections considering the people’s dissatisfaction and election prospects. Sunak has also faced criticism over questions raised about the conduct of his two senior leaders.