February 4, 2023

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Why is Saudi Arabia packing camels in ‘luxury hotels’? Cost in the billions! – Saudi Arabia Riyadh World’s Largest Camel Beauty Contest Luxury Hotel Grooming tlifw

Highlights of the story

  • The world’s largest camel beauty contest
  • The camels are kept in a luxury compound in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • The winning camels will receive millions of prizes

You may have heard and seen many times that there is a beauty contest for women, a beauty contest for men, a beauty contest for children. But have you heard of the animal beauty contest?

Probably would not have happened, they would not have even thought that something like this could happen. But there is such a beauty contest in the debate in which camels participate, and this beauty contest is only for camels. The camels will be selected on the basis of their characteristics including lip, neck, cone and color and the winning camels will be awarded a total of $ 66.6 million or Rs. 666 million.

The camels are blessed

(Image courtesy: Getty Images)

The camel beauty pageant is set to take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. All these camels will take part in the camel beauty contest at the King Abdulaziz Festival, for which 80 camels have reached 16 days.

The most beautiful camels of Saudi Arabia have been brought here and kept so, it is very hard to believe. Hot milk stalls have been set up for the camels to drink the required amount of milk ahead of the beauty pageant.

These camels are kept in a luxury compound in an open desert complex near Riyadh. Called the Luxury Hotel for Camels, it has a lot of amenities. Here they are kept in a govt-safe environment. A huge amount of money is being spent for this.

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This is how camels are selected

(Image courtesy: Getty Images)

Before participating in camel beauty contests, they are cut, wiped, and millions of dollars are spent. After these camels are prepared for the competition, they will be determined at various points such as the camel’s lips, neck, color and cone.

The camel is considered a symbol of traditional life in Saudi Arabia, with its camel winning the competition. Lots of applause for him. If a camel is found to have been injected with Botox or something else, it will be immediately removed from the competition.

A 51-year-old businessman who arrived with his camel said, “The camel is well cared for here and they do daily medical check-ups. The complex has a total of 120 envelopes, both single and double, each supplied with water and fodder. At the time the camels lived, there were 50 workers in their care. At the same time, while Kovit minimizes risk, more attention is paid to cleanliness.

The world’s largest camel beauty contest

(Image courtesy: Getty Images)

Until last year, camels were kept in tents, said Mohammed al-Harbi, media head of the Camel Club, which hosts the world’s largest camel pageant and competition at the King Abdulaziz Festival. But this time we thought of building a hotel for camels in order to protect the camels and reduce the burden on the owners.

Saudi activists can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on camels participating in the competition. If anyone brings a camel into this competition by giving injections like Botox, silicone, fillers, it is immediately thrown out.