October 2, 2022

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Why is this food delivery guy being talked about all over the world? – Why Pakistani food delivery boy is being discussed worldwide Dubai Prince Dist

Highlights of the story

  • Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed shared the video
  • The prince was impressed by the delivery boy’s kindness
  • The delivery boy removed the stones from the crossroads

When the Prince of Dubai shared a video of a Pakistani delivery boy ‘neki’, he was discussed around the world. The Prince of Dubai Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed (Abdul Ghafoor) of Pakistan shared a video of him removing two concrete stones. cross section. Sharing this video, he expressed his desire to meet Abdul. As confirmed, Prince invited the delivery boy to meet him and shared the photo on Twitter.

The photo went viral soon after Prince shared it on Twitter. A few days ago, Prince had shared a video of Abdul. Prince was impressed by Abdul’s ‘good nature’. The prince did not know his name then. Prince shared this video and expressed his desire to meet her.

Abdul Ghafoor, who is from Pakistan, works at Talabat, a food order delivery company in Dubai. He was on his way to deliver his bike a few days ago when he saw concrete blocks lying at Al Quoz Junction in Dubai. These stones pose a hazard to vehicles and lead to accidents. He removed these two stones and went out to deliver the bike. While Abdul was doing all this, someone recorded a video.

The same video was shared by Dubai’s Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, who after sharing the video expressed his desire to meet this unknown person. Crown Prince wrote – A good thing to appreciate in Dubai, can someone introduce me to this person?

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Many people retweeted and shared Prince’s video. The video received millions of views. The delivery boy became a topic of discussion in the world.

After sharing the video, this person also found out. The prince kept his promise and Abdul invited him to meet him. I was very impressed to meet the Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan Abdul. Showing composure, he placed his hand on Abdul’s shoulder and clicked the photo.

He shared this photo on Twitter. With photo I am proud to meet Abdul Ghafoor… He is a true example that people should follow.

Abdul Ghafoor
After Abdul Ghafoor’s video went viral, his company ‘Talafat’ also honored him. The company booked her flight ticket to Pakistan to meet her two-year-old son. In an earlier interview with Khaleej Times, Abdul had said that he left Pakistan when his son was just a few months old. He misses her so much. Abdul said he couldn’t believe it when he got the prince’s call.