February 7, 2023

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Why the Taliban destroyed the barbed wire fence of Pakistan on the Durant line, history and everything you need to know

Durant line The conflict between the Taliban and Pakistan is escalating. The Taliban have strongly objected to the construction of a fence on the border with Afghanistan and have threatened war. The Taliban did not recognize Fort Durand on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border from the beginning. Says that part of Afghanistan is beyond the current border. This is the only issue between the former civilian government of Afghanistan and the Taliban. The Taliban have also breached Pakistan’s fence on the Durant line. As such, the plight of Imran Khan, who has been seeking donations from around the world as the Taliban’s brand ambassador, is sure to intensify.

The Taliban oppose the Durant line
The majority of the Pashtuns and Taliban in Afghanistan never considered Fort Durand to be an official border line. Jabiullah Mujahid, a top Taliban spokesman, said the new Afghan government would announce its position on the issue after the invasion of Afghanistan. He said fences made in Pakistan divided people and divided families. We want to create a safe and peaceful environment at the border, so there is no need to create barriers.

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The Durant Line is the legacy of the Great Game of the British-Soviet Union
The Durant Line is the legacy of the great game of the 19th century between the Russian and British Empires. The then-feared British Empire used Afghanistan as a buffer zone to prevent Russian expansion in the east. The Durant Line was signed on November 12, 1893, between Sir Henry Mortimer Durand, a British civil servant, and Amir Abdur Rahman, then ruler of Afghanistan.

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How did the Durant Line form?
Abdur Rahman was appointed King of Afghanistan in 1880, two years after the end of the Second Afghan War. During the war, much of Afghanistan was captured by British troops. Abdur Rahman was made king by the British at his will. Subsequently his treaty with Sir Durand in 1893 determined the boundaries of his and British India’s influence on the Afghan border with India. Then present day Pakistan was added to India.

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This line stretches from China to Iran
The treaty with seven sections was the 2,670 km stretch between the then British India and Afghanistan. According to Rajiv Dogra, author of Durand’s Curse: A Line Across the Pathan Heart, Durand drew the fort on a small map of Afghanistan during a conversation with the Amir. The Durant Line stretches from the Chinese border to Iran.

What is the objection of Pashtuns?
Pashtuns living near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border accuse the line of dividing their homes. They have lived in the area with their families and tribes for the last hundred years, but the British drew the fort through Pashtun-dominated areas. As a result, Pashtuns were imprisoned on the wall between the two countries.