June 8, 2023

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Within a few hours the thief who tried to rob the same bank was caught and the bank, which had been robbed of a lot of money in the afternoon, went there again the next day, but this time luck did not work

Washington: In the United States, a thief (thief) has done something that will surprise even the police. After learning about the thief’s behavior, you will wonder if you can call him stupid, ignorant or something else. Because after robbing a large sum of money from the bank in the afternoon, the thief reached the same bank again on the second day. However, this time luck did not support him and the police caught him.

The cashier was robbed by intimidation

According to the New York Times, the lawsuit was probably funded by California. Samuel Brown, 33, looted a branch of New Hope Street Chase. He fled with a large sum of money after frightening the cashier in broad daylight. Police were in a state of panic after the robbery and launched a campaign to find the culprits. However, before the police could reach him, he himself was caught by the police.

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There was a desperate attempt to rob the bank again

The next day after this robbery, when the work of the bank began as before, Samuel Brown came back there and did the same work again. That is, he tried to rob the bank. As soon as the accused intimidated the cashier, the cashier immediately alerted and somehow informed the police. Police arrived at the scene and arrested Brown. The police officer was surprised to learn that the accused had tried to rob the same bank for the second time.

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The police chief was also confused

The investigation report stated that the accused was guilty in San Diego. He is currently under arrest and sent to jail, police said. An official said, ‘This is a shocking case for us too. Usually no offender makes such a mistake. In the first incident, Samuel Brown had a large amount of cash on hand, but he came back to rob the same bank.