January 27, 2023

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– Woman trapped in blind house after lockdown in China tstz

Highlights of the story

  • The woman has come to his house to meet an unknown person
  • Suddenly there was a lockout all over the city
  • The woman had to live in the same person’s house

A woman first meets the house of a stranger. But then there is a lockdown, and he wants to spend the day with that person. The incident took place in Zhengzhou, China. A woman named Wang came to meet an unknown person at her home last Wednesday.

However, there were reports that a curfew had been imposed in the city. Thus the woman got stuck there. Wang told The Paper in Shanghai on Tuesday, “When she came to Zhengzhou, there was a sudden lock. No one was allowed to go anywhere, so I had to stay at the same person’s house.

Wang said his family members were looking for male children for his marriage. Saw 10 guys to buy. Wang had come to Zhengzhou to meet the same boys. One of these boys, Wang, wanted to show off his culinary skills. So he invited Vanga to his house for dinner.

But because God approved of something else and he was locked up, Wang had to stay in the same person’s house. Wang has also made some short videos these days. In it, the person showed how he cooks food for himself. While he sleeps to do household chores and buy, he picks up his laptop and works in the office.

Wang said the marriage needed a partner and he would talk to her a lot. But this person speaks very little. But she’s perfect in everything other than that. Wang said, “He cooks well. But he loves to cook. That’s what I really liked about him.”

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Wang shared its video on Twitter, which has been viewed more than 6 million times. However, Wang later deleted the video. He said, “After this video came out, the person’s friends started calling him regularly and this could affect his personal life somewhere.

We can tell you that more than 100 cases of corona virus were reported in Zhengzhou, China last week.