March 28, 2023

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Woman With No Weapons On Blind Date Meets, Then… – Woman With No Weapons On Blind Date Shares Her Struggle Story

Man does his work with both hands and it is difficult to even think of doing anything without them. But how will those people without one arm do all their work? This girl named Inga has a similar story. Inga is 23 years old and was born without arms. She recently went on her first date with a guy named Dustin. A video of this date and the conversation between the two has been released by a YouTube channel. In this Inga is talking about herself.

She tries on her own makeup before going on a date. His date says he wears a half-length shirt to show he doesn’t have two arms. Both embrace each other upon meeting. After this, let’s talk about each other’s careers. Inga told how she has been living since childhood.

Feet do all the work

Inga is currently studying Philosophy and Criminal Justice in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. She is an active member of the sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma. Inga has learned to live without hands and does everything with her feet. From eating to grooming and playing, she uses only her feet. Recently she went on her first blind date with Dustin.

What are people saying about Inga?

People are appreciating Inga’s bravery. One online user said, ‘His personality is so good. Can’t imagine life without hands, she is a strong woman. Another user said, ‘I was smiling throughout the whole video, it’s so cute. I hope they both keep talking because they both seem like real people.