March 28, 2023

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World’s greatest sniper Wally reaches Ukraine, can kill 40 enemies in a single day, Russia’s headache will increase! – The most famous sniper Wally came to Ukraine to fight against Russia

Highlights of the story

  • Wally is a computer scientist
  • Part of a two-pronged war in Afghanistan

The last 15 days of war between Russia and Ukraine do not seem to have stopped. There is no consensus on stopping the war between the two countries. Meanwhile, Wally, one of the world’s top snipers, has arrived in Ukraine. We will tell you that Wally can aim an average of 40 enemies a day with his gun.

Wally is a French-Canadian computer scientist. He has twice been involved in special operations during the war in Afghanistan. Between 2009 and 2011, he targeted several enemies with his gun. He was later awarded the title of Wali.

Wally wants to help the people of Ukraine

In an interview with the world media, Wally said he enjoys coming to Ukraine. They feel that they have old friendships with the people of Ukraine. He added that he wants to help the people of Ukraine. Wally blamed Russia, saying the Russian military was bombing innocent people in Ukraine only because they wanted to become Russians. He said he was busy with computer programming a week ago. But is now on the battlefield with a gun. This is their reality. He said his wife did not like me being a part of the Ukraine war. But I came here with a difficult decision.

Do not hesitate to come in front of people

According to media reports, there are many famous snipers in the world. But he has been avoiding coming out in public. But Wally is different from them. He also participates in TV shows. Canadians know him well.

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Attack a long-range target

Soldier of the Wali Canada Joint Task Force (JTF-2). The name of the snipers of this unit is the record for hitting a long-range target. According to reports, the players of JTF-2 have set a record by aiming at a distance of 3,540 meters. When Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky called in foreign troops in the war against Russia, Wally decided to help Ukraine without hesitation.

How many types of snipers are there?

Snipers are also divided into categories. A sniper who targets 5 to 6 enemies daily is considered a good sniper. Apart from this, a sniper who targets 7 to 10 opponents is considered the best. But Wally has the potential to target 40 people a day.