February 7, 2023

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Xi Jinping’s nuclear program that threatens the world! Ready to produce 1500 nuclear weapons by 2035 – xi Xi Jinping nuclear program to produce 1500 nuclear weapons by 2035 Pentagon NTC reports.

China is a global laggard today. But its president, Xi Jinping, has different intentions. Although the country’s government was surrounded on all sides, its war aims did not take the name of cessation. In fact, the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) released a report on Tuesday that said China will have 1,500 nuclear weapons by 2035. This will happen if China maintains its current pace of nuclear construction.

The growing number of nuclear weapons clearly shows China’s intentions. This is causing increasing concern in the United States. It has been seen that China is increasing the pace of war development. During the Pentagon’s annual report press conference, a senior US defense official on the China issue said, ‘China is moving fast, which is worrying.

China currently has only 400 nuclear weapons

Explain that this report mainly covers activities for 2021. According to this, China currently has more than 400 nuclear weapons in stock. By 2030, China will work at a moderate pace to develop 1,000 nuclear weapons, and by 2035, China will accelerate its pace to 1,500, the official said.

China is far behind the US

China says its arsenal is smaller than that of the US and Russia and is always open to negotiations. But this is only possible if the US reduces its nuclear stockpile to China’s. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), a think tank, the United States has about 3,700 nuclear weapons in its stockpile, of which about 1,740 are deployed.

How many nuclear weapons does a country have?

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Another report states that 9 countries currently possess nuclear weapons, including the United States, Russia, Britain, France, China, India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea. Russia has a maximum of 6,255 nuclear weapons, followed by the United States with 5,800, Britain with 225, France with 290, China with 350 and India with 156.

China is the world’s mouth-to-mouth

Significantly, these days Chinese President Xi Jinping is surrounded on all sides on the global front. Since Corona, their market has been slow and many world leaders have opened a front against them. Whether it is America or Britain, Xi Jinping is being defeated from all sides. Xi Jinping recently had to face British Prime Minister Rishi Chung. On Tuesday, Britain pulled out of China’s nuclear power company CGN from building its new Sizewell Sea nuclear power plant. The project will now be built with the remaining French partner, EDF.

Britain struck

British Prime Minister Rishi Chung has shown a mirror to the Chinese government in his first major speech on foreign policy since taking office. Sunak described China’s growing authoritarianism as a major challenge to Britain’s values ​​and its interests. Even Britain has said that the golden age of Britain’s relations with China is over.

China suppresses the voice of its own people

China has always been accused of oppressing its own people. In this situation, the problem of Uighar Muslims arises many times. About 2 months ago, the United Nations also released a report accusing China of gross human rights violations. The report said that China’s persecution of Uighur Muslims living in Xinjiang province is a crime against humanity. However, China has often denied these allegations. China had also appealed to the United Nations not to publish the report, calling it a ‘tamasha’ by the West.

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Anger among Chinese people against government policy

Also, be aware that only Chinese people have taken to the streets these days. People there are fed up with the zero covid policy, mass testing, lockdown and travel restrictions and are now protesting. The protests that have been going on in China for the past four days have reached eight major cities in the country. In some areas, the protest has also taken a violent form and protesters have been seen clashing with security forces. The demonstration has now crossed the border of China and reached many Asian and European countries including the United States. Slogans are being raised that President Xi Jinping should step down and the Communist government should step down. In such a situation, the Chinese government can be seen retreating.

China’s expansionist policy poses a threat to the world

It is noteworthy that China’s expansionist policy is also creating problems for the world. China is encroaching not only on land but also on sea. China is asserting its authority over the maritime borders of neighboring countries.